Time to get my TR20 Cub sorted

I used to have a lot of Villiers and Bantam bikes and spares but let them all go a few years ago. I did however, hang on to my Trials Cub, which I built up from a basket case back in the '80's.


It has matching frame and engine numbers (TR20-133) and I was able to get a 1964 registration for it so I could use it in the Beamish and other road/off-road events.

I knocked the big-end out of it on the Beamish a few years ago and it's been languishing in the garage. But now it's time it got priority, mainly because my grandson has shown interest!

Anyway, it's a bonny looking machine and I never tire of looking at it. It would be in the front room, if...

So, the Cub. It's never been fully restored and is in original condition (though not as it left the factory) and I have always preferred to keep it like that. But I am now wondering how far to go this time.

Alan Peart