First bike I ever rode

Hi Steve,


Good luck with the Cub and Terrier site. I will watch with much interest as a late fifties Cub was the first bike I ever rode at the pre-licence age of 15, and on the road too (very naughty) in 1964. My school mate had bought one and he asked me if I could ride a bike?

"Of course" said I, and willingly jumped on and took to it straight away (more luck than skill I assure you). Off I went around the local streets making sure to keep turning left, and after managing a circle in first gear, arrived safely back at his house and gave the bike back in one piece!


He was slightly older and as soon as he reached 16 years old he was out on the loose. His dad owned a Royal Enfield constellation and Monza sidecar and with an old AJS 500 single in the shed redundant but still running, he was already hooked. I at that time I was saving about 10 Bob a week for a 'Cub' as was my best mate (still is my best mate) until one night walking back from the cinema after seeing 'Summer holiday', John says he isn't going to save for a motorbike anymore, he was going to buy a guitar instead and form a group.

"Do you want to be in it?" he asked. So long as I can be the drummer says I, and from then on my motorcycle desires were on hold for a while (can't carry a drum set on a solo motorbike!). I was still hooked on bikes though and I managed at a later date to combine my motorcycle interests alongside my musical interests when a Matchless bike and sidecar became the first purchase, but a cheap old car was also needed!

I never lost the love of little Tiger Cubs, so I look forward to seeing some articles on those 'little big bikes' in the future !!

Best wishes,


Kevin O'Brien (South Essex Branch)