Sports Home Cub (T20SH)

Sports Home Cub (T20SH)

As the name suggests, the T20SH (Sports Home) model was intended mainly for the UK market from 1962 until 1966. It was a development of the T20SS and SL models, which made it a real lightweight sports machine for the road. A 9:1 piston, 'R' cam, sports type valve springs, a close ratio gear cluster and large bore Monobloc carburettor made sure of that. This was a real 'Baby Bonneville'.


A 'D' shaped speedometer was standard but a tachometer was an option, and if fitted, a matching round speedo complimented it. The drive to the tachometer on early models was from the end of the camshaft, but by 1963 the drive had moved to where the old top mounted point assembly used to fit. A two-tone, three gallon 'humped' tank was fitted with the one-piece 'mouth organ' badges and all T20SH machines had the crankshafts running in the two ball race bearing engines, no plain bush. The engines being updated through the years as soon as improvements came into being.

After 1964, the frame received double gusseting under the headstock and from 1965 the right-hand side tube on the rear subframe was cranked out top and bottom, rather than just at the bottom as previous years. Flat or upswept handlebars could be specified and all machines had both a side and centre stand fitted along with a QD headlamp. A low level exhaust was the standard 'from the factory' fitment.

Colours for 1962/63 Burgundy and Silver Sheen


1964/5 Hi Fi Scarlet and Silver Sheen


1966 Hi Fi Scarlet and Silver Sheen or Metallic Blue and Alaskan White




16th February 1962


3rd February 1966


84374 to 4373

(not continuous)



Single-cylinder OHV, unit construction


199cc (12.1 cu in)

Bore / Stroke:

63mm (2.480in) x 64mm (2.520in)


9 : 1


16bhp (12.1 kW or 16.2 PS) @ 6700 rpm


Amal Monobloc 376/272


'R' cam - valve clearances In 0.002in : Ex 0.004in (cold)


Wet multiplate



Cycle Parts

Front Suspension:

Telescopic forks, hydraulic damped

Rear Suspension:

Swing-arm with twin shock absorbers

Front Wheel:

19 inch (WM1 rim)

Rear Wheel:

18 inch (WM2 rim)

Front Tyre:

3.00 x 19

Rear Tyre:

3.50 x 18


5.5 in dia. Single leading shoe drum front and rear

Petrol Tank:

3 UK gallons (3.6 US gallons or 14.6 litres)

Oil tank:

2.75 UK pints (3.3 US pints or 1.56 litres)


1/3 UK pint (0.4 US pints or 0.19 litres)

Primary Chaincase:

1/3 UK pint (0.4 US pints or 0.19 litres)

Front Fork:

1/4 UK pint (0.3 US pints or 0.14 litres) (up to 1965)

1/3 UK pint (0.4 US pints or 0.19 litres) (1965)



Coil Ignition



Charging Type:

Alternator / Rectifier

Ignition Timing:

16° BTDC static. 40° fully advanced

Points Gap:

0.014in - 0.016in

Spark Plug:

Champion L5, L7 or equivalent

Spark Plug Gap: